Redeem capital purchases illiquid private LP interests

Secondary market for limited partnership interests

As volatility increases and investors look to shorten investment horizons, Mauna Kea Fund provides liquidity. Mauna Kea will bid individual LP interests and pools of LP interests.

Provide a fair market value through a realized sale

Having a difficult time valuing illiquid interests is common, the sale of a minority portion of that partnership provides price validation and aids in fund valuation.

Provide an often missing fiduciary service to investors

In times of volatility fund investors seek liquidity events, off-ramps, and redemptions. Providing an exit for some investors demonstrates your loyalty and commitment to your investors' collective needs.

Redeem Capital is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mauna Kea Fund

Promote new investments

Exiting clients from legacy investments can afford the opportunity and time to promote and market new investments.