Receivables Factoring is the sale of client invoices


Receivables turned into needed cash

Depending on the business payment terms and industry, our clients typically waited 30 - 120 days for payment for goods and services rendered. Factoring allows you to sell those receivables to Mauna Kea and receive money today. 


Banks and lenders take away funding when you need it most

Losing access to your bank line occurs when you need capital the most. Mauna Kea lets you see the exact amount of capital you can access, lets you access 100% of it, and clearly spells out the costs involved. Mauna Kea does not charge you for capital you can't access. 

Close the deal fast

Mauna Kea is able to complete transactions as quickly as 48 hours for current clients. You are able to get your money quickly, less the purchase discount, to use for your business, pay salaries, vendors, etc.