Private Equity - Current Investing Themes


Transforming businesses into platforms, allowing innovation and differentiation

Leverage efficiencies in combining businesses to establish purchasing power in supply chain and pricing power in channel. Businesses that transform themselves into platforms not only exceed when compared in quantifiable metrics, but they often create and define their metric set.   

Aspirational products that enjoy a highly inelastic demand curve

Products with elasticities influenced by the social and emotional roles played in consumer purchasing habits. These products are tied to consumer aspirational identities and facilitate particular aspirational goals. Subsectors of focus are health & wellness, longevity, custom tailored beauty and well-being products. 

Virtual worlds, virtual experiences, and virtual economy

The rapidly developing virtual worlds are opening up virtual experiences and self-actualization that will drive real-world cross over businesses. Given that gamers play multiple games and engage in multiple currencies within these games, resulting growth will be exponential. The potential economic value is massive in simply mirroring of real-world trappings and aspirational spending. Immediate areas of interest are virtual forms of entertainment and social networking. As technology advancements allow, the offshoots of entertainment and social will spawn  retail, entertainment, marketing and advertisement, travel, education, real estate, lending, and insurance. The value of virtual gaming credits and currencies to enable a virtual lifestyle is in its infancy. Virtual reality market size in 2017 was $5.4B and projected to run at a 50% CAGR through 2023, reaching $61B.  

Sustainable investing in Hawaii based flora and aquaculture-based projects

Remoteness of the Hawaiian archipelago is a biological filter, with far more endemic species than Darwin's Galapagos Islands.  1,400 vascular plant taxa (including species, subspecies, and varieties) native to the State of Hawaii, and nearly 90 percent of these are found nowhere else in the world. Hawaii has a long history of aquaculture. Today aquaculture offers a future of a sustainable and healthy protein sources. The Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii offers the largest single green economic development project in the world. 

Public / Private partnerships

Partner with governments to achieve symbiotic relationships while capitalizing on a reduced cost of capital. Outsourcing government functions that can be done in a cost effective manner and with measurable benefits.