Debt investments


Asset based lending

Short term debt <18 months secured by property, equipment, inventory 

Participating Debt Investments

Short term debt <18 months offering a lower interest rate while partnering with equity ownership and a % share of cash flow and residual value.

Single receivable purchases

Companies often find themselves with a very concentrated receivable or large seasonal customer order. Mauna Kea will buy that receivable providing not only needed liquidity, but also de-risking your concentrated exposure. 

Distressed Debt Investments

Direct investments in private and public debt instruments trading at significant discounts and with limited liquidity. Historical purchases have been concentrated in leveraged loans,  high yield bonds, securitizations, and real estate.

Tax-exempt Investments

Tax reform, state and local pensions, rising interest rates, and political instability will bring volatility to the tax exempt market. Mauna Kea Fund looks to capitalize on the inefficiencies in the tax exempt marketplace- private placements, corporate-backed, power, pollution, housing, tobacco settlement, special tax district, healthcare, tribal.